There Are Days

I love my son. More than words can say. More than my own life, even. He is my very beating heart, and all my joy and happiness wrapped up in one sweet, perfect, little boy. And yet there are days. Days when the grief of a diagnosis comes flooding back. Days when I don’t feel … More There Are Days

The R-Word

  “You’re retarded.” It’s a phrase I hear at the park, standing in line at the grocery store, written on Facebook posts, and out of the mouths of children and adults alike. Though there I stand with my child with special needs, this black smut spews forth. And I wish it didn’t. Maybe you meant … More The R-Word

The Dreaded Haircut

If the thought of giving your child a haircut fills you with immense dread and loathing, then this post is for you. And you’re not alone. Pulling off a haircut that doesn’t end up looking like a lawn mower attacked, while wrestling a screaming child who is resisting your every effort with herculean strength, is … More The Dreaded Haircut

Top 10 Resources for Parents of a Child With Down Syndrome

The following resources can help you get started in your journey with Down syndrome, and provide you much needed support as you continue along your way. 1. American Academy of Pediatrics: Health Supervision for Children with Down Syndrome As a new parent to a child with Down syndrome, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by what … More Top 10 Resources for Parents of a Child With Down Syndrome

I’m Not Sorry

Sometimes when I tell people that my son has Down syndrome, they reply by saying they’re sorry. The next time you’re tempted to tell someone who has a child with special needs that “You’re sorry,” don’t. It may come from a place of caring. It may be well intended. But what you just said is … More I’m Not Sorry

Dear Me

Dear Me, I see you in your room. You just got the news of a lifetime about your new baby: a diagnosis of Down syndrome. It’s dark. And you’re crying your eyes out. I don’t blame you. But now it’s three years later. I wish I could tell you what we’ve learned: It’s going to … More Dear Me