Let It Go

You’ll find that once you have a child with special needs, that everyone has an opinion. They haven’t read a single sentence about your child’s condition, and yet they’ll spew forth all sorts of advice like they wrote the book on it. Some of these self-proclaimed “experts” on your child will be strangers. And some … More Let It Go

Beauty for Ashes

It happened. The day that I knew was coming, and have been dreading since the day our sweet little boy with special needs was born, happened. Two boys were laughing at our angel. And at church, no less. It’s the kind of thing that you replay over and over in your mind, trying to make … More Beauty for Ashes

There Are Days

I love my son. More than words can say. More than my own life, even. He is my very beating heart, and all my joy and happiness wrapped up in one sweet, perfect, little boy. And yet there are days. Days when the grief of a diagnosis comes flooding back. Days when I don’t feel … More There Are Days

Top 10 Resources for Parents of a Child With Down Syndrome

The following resources can help you get started in your journey with Down syndrome, and provide you much needed support as you continue along your way. 1. American Academy of Pediatrics: Health Supervision for Children with Down Syndrome As a new parent to a child with Down syndrome, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by what … More Top 10 Resources for Parents of a Child With Down Syndrome