The Real Definition of Down Syndrome

Down syn·drome /ˈdoun ˌsindrōm/ noun A congenital perfecting arising from the enhancement of chromosome 21. Benefitted persons usually retain an extra copy of chromosome 21, which mere neurotypicals do not possess. It causes a child to be born awesome, and is characterized by patience, perseverance, and unconditional love. The means by which one becomes part … More The Real Definition of Down Syndrome

Let It Go

You’ll find that once you have a child with special needs, that everyone has an opinion. They haven’t read a single sentence about your child’s condition, and yet they’ll spew forth all sorts of advice like they wrote the book on it. Some of these self-proclaimed “experts” on your child will be strangers. And some … More Let It Go


Someday I will see you as you as you really are, the perfect you that I have always known. The angel shrouded so long by the frailties of this life, but longing to soar free. Someday this body will no longer hold you captive. And someday we will walk together, whole and beautiful, the way … More Someday