Cutting the Stress Out of Cutting Your Child’s Nails

Cutting your child’s nails doesn’t have to be a fight. Try these tips to cut the stress out of cutting your child’s nails. Buy a good pair of clippers/scissors so that you can get the job done faster and easier. Dull tools will only make your job harder.  See suggested products below. If your child is a … More Cutting the Stress Out of Cutting Your Child’s Nails

The R-Word

  “You’re retarded.” It’s a phrase I hear at the park, standing in line at the grocery store, written on Facebook posts, and out of the mouths of children and adults alike. Though there I stand with my child with special needs, this black smut spews forth. And I wish it didn’t. Maybe you meant … More The R-Word

The Dreaded Haircut

If the thought of giving your child a haircut fills you with immense dread and loathing, then this post is for you. And you’re not alone. Pulling off a haircut that doesn’t end up looking like a lawn mower attacked, while wrestling a screaming child who is resisting your every effort with herculean strength, is … More The Dreaded Haircut

I’m Not Sorry

Sometimes when I tell people that my son has Down syndrome, they reply by saying they’re sorry. The next time you’re tempted to tell someone who has a child with special needs that “You’re sorry,” don’t. It may come from a place of caring. It may be well intended. But what you just said is … More I’m Not Sorry