That’s Normal for Down Syndrome

At some point along the journey of having a child with special needs you are apt to encounter a physician who responds to your child’s abnormal symptoms or labs by saying, “But that’s normal for Down syndrome.” A phrase used to write off the need to actually treat the child, and allowing your child to continue to suffer. Because, apparently, suffering is okay if you have special needs. Yes, a certain test result may be common among those with Down syndrome. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay. And any doctor that thinks it’s fine for your child’s TSH level to be 12, is not a doctor worthy of your patronage. As a general rule, if it’s not ok for a typical person to have that result or symptom, then it’s not okay for your child with Down syndrome either. Your child has enough battles to fight, and doesn’t need to be adding the burden of treatable conditions to the list of their struggles. Failure to address medical issues can have life-altering consequences. And any doctor that insists that poor health or discomfort are acceptable just because your child has a disability, is a doctor you no longer want to have. ©


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