Someday I will see you as you as you really are, the perfect you that I have always known. The angel shrouded so long by the frailties of this life, but longing to soar free. Someday this body will no longer hold you captive. And someday we will walk together, whole and beautiful, the way you were meant to be. We will laugh, our hearts as free as the air around us, and we will be filled by your perfection made manifest at last. Someday I will hear the words you’ve longed to say, and that my heart has ached so many years to hear. Someday we will embrace each other and our hearts will know what they always have; the words not spoken but understood, of pure and perfect love that never fails.

Someday, when you are whole, so will I be. Until that day I will love you, with every breath that I have. Until then, my heart waits.

For someday. ©


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