I Didn’t Know That I Had A Sister

Dedicated to all the moms of children with special needs, at laptops and computers, in special needs Facebook groups and support groups, near and far:

I didn’t know that I had a sister, until my son was born. We live in the same community now, my sister and I. And that’s where I found her. I’d recognize her anywhere, because my sister is beautiful, in the same way that my son is. She knows me like no one else does, and in a way that no one else can. We have traveled the same roads and been the same places, and there is refuge in her company. Having her to walk with makes me feel like I’m not as lost and alone as it often seems. And I know that when things get hard, my sister will always have my back. Because she is a Mama Bear just like me. And together we are strong.

It takes a village to raise a child. And I am grateful every day for my many sisters who are helping me to raise mine. You are my answers to prayer, my light in the dark, my sanity, and my safe place.

To all my dear sisters, I love you. ©


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