Just As Long As My Baby Is Healthy


We’ve all heard it before from expectant mothers: “I don’t care if my baby is a boy or a girl, just as long as my baby is healthy.” And I get it. I really do. We all want our kids to be healthy. It’s just easier that way. But I’m here to tell you, my baby wasn’t healthy-he was born by emergency c-section, was in the NICU for what felt like an eternity, and he works hard for everything he gets in life. But here’s the thing: He is still awesome, and life is still awesome. In fact, in some ways life is even more awesome than it might have been otherwise. And it’s only after you have a child with special needs, that can you see that clearly. Our little boy is the best gift we never knew we wanted, and we feel like we won the lottery to have him in our family. So let’s stop with this “just as long as my baby is healthy” way of thinking. Because I can tell you from experience, that it just doesn’t matter. He is ours, and we love him. Healthy or not. ©


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