Sometimes Super Heroes Don’t Wear Capes

super hero

*Dedicated to all the super hero mothers caring for children with special needs*

There are super heroes among us. They’re all around us, hidden in plain sight. But if you look close, you’ll see them. Their dedication and service protecting some of the most vulnerable among us, goes on quietly yet powerfully, day in and day out.

These super heroes may look different than you expect. A little more worn, and a little more tired than most super heroes do. And they sometimes wear masks, making them even harder to identify. They are parents just like you and me, but they also have the powers of researcher, doctor, dietician, therapist, advocate, teacher, and warrior, all rolled into one mighty force to be reckoned with. And yet they blend seamlessly into their surroundings, few wise to their immense powers.

They don’t don fancy capes with which to fly, but oh, if their child needs them, they can fly! They can travel unfathomable distances without faltering, and are capable of moving mountains (leaving a path for others to follow where those mountains once were). Their backs are strong from carrying heavy loads that even they didn’t know they could carry. And their hands have the power to lift and heal the heaviest of burdens. They can dismantle fences and thick walls of separation with their super human strength.

These heroes have extra special powers to communicate with those who cannot. Their senses are heightened to perceive danger, day or night, and destroy it. They are faster than a speeding bullet when it comes to their child. And their hearts can grow to ten times the average size. They can breathe under water when forced to. And can go years without sleep or relief. Nothing, no nothing, can stop them. They can be knocked down, but never defeated. Their only Kryptonite is ignorance. But even ignorance is ultimately defeated by these heroes.

Sometimes these heroes wear a cloak of invisibility. They are unseen and unknown to most, living quiet lives of every day heroism. No throngs follow them, no thanks or awards come to them, but they are deeply and profoundly admired: by a child. A child whose words and abilities may fail them, but the love of a super hero parent never will. ©


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